Efiba Arts and African Cultural Development (Efiba Arts) activities started in October 2003 in response to past media reports on “Black underachievement in schools” and the need for support to raise educational attainment of ethnic minority children in schools. In June 2004 Efiba Arts was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee to promote cultural diversity and integration through arts, education and the promotion cultural values, information and advice as well as to engage children and young people after school to keep them off the possible negative influences on the streets and help them with their school work, enable them to enhance their self-confidence and make positive impact in their communities to become role models for the generations after them.





The following people came together to start the organisation of the activities which eventually became Efiba Arts.

  1. Ms Joyclyn Bowman-Turner
  2. Mr Michael Koi-Larbi
  3. Reverend Emmanuel Aggrey Ogoe
  4. Ms Amelia Enitor Meheux
  5. Mrs Efua Sey Koi-Larbi


Efiba Arts activities over the last 10 years of its existence has been after-school African Drumming and dance, Saturday supplementary school, mentoring, workshops in schools performing for festivals, private and public events across UK More details of what we do can be found on our website


Within the ten years Efiba Arts has done nearly 200 performances within England. On the average this constitutes about 20 performances per year. These performances include performances for very high profile events like

  1. National event to commemorate 200 years of the abolition of slave trade in the Uk. This event took place on Tuesday 25th March 2007 at Westminster Abbey and was attended by Her Majesty the Queen and the royal family.
  2. The regional event to commemorate 200 years of the abolition of slave trade in London region at the City Hall in August 2007. This was an event that was hosted by the then Major of London Ken Livingston with high profile guests Reverend Jesse Jackson from USA
  3. National Black Police Association events at South banks university
  4. Annual Rise Festivals from 2007 to 2009
  5. Biannual Youth festivals in Blackpool and many more.
  6. We were regularly involved in Haringey Peace Alliance and later in Hackney Peace Alliance marches
  7. We worked regularly with Newham African Caribbean Centre to promote cultural diversity in Newham
  8. We have had a significant number of the young people who used our services coming out with very high academic achievements from various universities.
  9. We have helped various people to set up similar organisations in Hackney, Harlow, Cambridge and other communities to support ethnic minority children and young people

We have had over 500 children and young people participating in our community activities and nearly 50,000 children participating in our school activities in schools across 9 London Boroughs.

This year as part of activities to mark Efiba Arts 10th anniversary we have been supported by the Big Lottery Fund and Tottenham Green Community First to research into and record the development of Multiculturalism from 1968 to date creating in an oral history form. We are doing this project in partnership with Friends of Tottenham Green, George Padmore Institute, Black Cultural Achives Bruce Castle Museum with encouragement from Haringey council.

In this project we are interviewing older community activists to tell their stories and share experiences through oral history for posterity. The research will also look at the police relations with young people particularly with young black males

Although we will share the research information with the general public through the festival on the 11th of October 2014, the main purpose of the festival is to celebrate the development of Multiculturalism in Tottenham and for that Matter Haringey.

Our aim in this regard is:

● To bring together the people of Haringey to celebrate the area’s rich cultural diversity

● To contribute towards a community where people from different backgrounds feel they all belong and can come together to celebrate a shared sense of belonging

● To support communication, interactions and engagement between all sections of the community, particularly between local Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) citizens and service providers

● To promote community cohesion and respect between people of different backgrounds by providing a friendly and relaxed opportunity for people to come together and learn from and about each other

● To provide an opportunity for local people to make a positive contribution towards their community by acting as volunteers, exhibitors or performers

● To provide a source of entertainment and activities for a family day out.


We are a limited company based in London Borough of Haringey.

Company registration number is: 05149231

Our aim is to promote cultural diversity and community integration through education, social care, events, mentoring, arts and culture to reduce social exclusion and isolation of disadvantaged members of our local community.

Our mission is to empower disadvantaged members of our local community and encourage a culturally diverse community in which every member feels that they belong and so can contribute towards the development of the local area.